What if Your Dog Could Eat Local?

What if Your Dog Could Eat Local?

The Only Local Dog Food

Have you ever heard the phrase “Even my dog eats local food”? What if you could feed your dog a food made with ingredients from a farm down the street from you? Eating local is not just a trend, it is a decision one makes to support local companies and eat fresher ingredients. This is how Zamzows started, and what we strive for in all the products we produce.


What we feed our pets is arguably one of the most important things we can decide for them. Many factors go into this but this idea of feeding your dog a local food is kind of unheard of. This has not been a consideration until very recently. There are few pet stores you could ask for a dog food made locally. Idaho, you have this option. You can consider feeding your dog locally.

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The benefits of feeding local are many, it supports local farmers, local jobs, our local health, and economy. So consider a high-quality dog food made with Locally raised Fish and locally farmed potatoes. We are the potato state after all. Our Zamzows Grain free Idaho fish and potato dog food is made and sourced not only in U.S. but in your own backyard. Well not actually your back yard but you know what I am saying. You won’t find a food with that kind of pedigree anywhere else. This is your food Idaho.