Hummingbirds That Frequent the Treasure Valley

Hummingbirds That Frequent the Treasure Valley

Of all the wild birds out there, hummingbirds are the most interesting and enjoyable to watch. Of the couple hundred varieties of hummingbirds out there, twenty varieties come to the United States, and that is it! Lucky for us in Idaho, we get at least five kinds versus the eastern U.S. that settles for one. 

Considering how fast these little miracles of nature move, they are hard to identify but here in the Treasure Valley, four have been documented. We have the Rufous, Anna’s hummingbird, the Broad-Tailed and the Calliope.

Zamzows Can Feed Them

To help in your bird watching, Zamzows offers a complete line of hummingbird feeders and nectar. We have smaller feeders for the beginner to larger feeders for the enthusiast. Zamzows also has a feeder that you can attach to your window. We recommend the smaller feeders for beginners for a few reasons. Mainly, the smaller feeders are easier to clean and keeping your feeder clean is extremely IMPORTANT! You don’t want mold, bacteria, or other micro-organisms growing in your feeder that could hurt the birds you want to enjoy.

You can also plant a variety of flowering plants that will attract hummingbirds to your home. We have a great selection of plants for the little hummers.

Precautions to Take While Treating for Insects

I would like to point out that hummingbirds eat insects and nectar, so please use caution in treating for insect/pest problems in your yard. Please consult with an expert at our stores for safe ways to deal with garden problems that won’t harm hummingbirds.

Leaving a feeder out into late fall is also a good idea for spotting our friends at the end of the season, and you might also spot a few strays that don’t frequent our area. Also, at the end of summer, hummers need all the help they can get before migrating south on a very log trip, and don’t worry about interfering with their migration either because that is instinct.