Fourth of July Pet Safety

Fourth of July Pet Safety

The weeknights leading up to the Fourth of July are full of neighborhood firework displays. During these weeks, our local humane societies often get twice as many reports of lost and missing pets. Keeping this statistic in mind, here are some ways to keep your pet safe while providing anxiety relief.

Engraved Pet Tag

This one seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised to hear that one of the simplest identification methods is the easiest to forget. Double-check that your pet’s tag is present and secure. Also, remember to update your pet’s information, their name and at least two up-to-date phone numbers. Remember, your local Zamzows can engrave a new tag for you in just a few moments right there at the store!

Microchip Identification

Having a microchip ID for your dog or cat is a safe and easy way for vets and humane societies to locate lost pets’ owners. Remember, microchips are not GPS trackers. If your pet is found by animal control, they will be able to identify you, and where you are located. While they are convenient, they should not replace an engraved collar tag. You will need to make an appointment with your vet to get your pet microchipped. If your pet already has a microchip, take a moment to make sure that the number is registered, and all your information is up to date.

Staying Inside

Even if your dog or cat is not easily spooked, it is highly recommended that you bring them inside at dusk. As we get closer to the Fourth of July the intensity and frequency of neighborhood fireworks often increase. If you need to let your pet outside, go outside with them. You may also want to put them on a leash, just in case.

Anxiety Relief

Even with all these precautions taken your pet may still become anxious if the neighborhood fireworks are intense. There are many ways to relieve your pet's nervousness and anxiety. These drug-free options will provide hours of relief. Scroll down to find our collection of anxiety relief products available at a Zamzows near you.