Exploring Idaho’s Hiking Trails With Your Dogs

Exploring Idaho’s Hiking Trails With Your Dogs

Autumn is my favorite time to get outside with my dogs. The crisp temperatures and beautiful changing foliage energizes me and drives me out of my house, especially after the summer we just endured. For those living in the Treasure Valley, we have many options for dog-friendly hiking trails and breathtaking outings. An embarrassment of riches, a friend once told me.

Dog-Friendly Trails.

When considering where to go, I consider my fitness level, the amount of time I can spend, and I also need to decide which dog to take. I have several to choose from! So, I decide which dog’s age, fitness level, and general health best match the outing I have in mind. For Treasure Valley dogs, here are a few links to trails, parks, and public spaces.

Trail Etiquette

Familiarizing oneself with the etiquette of the trail is a must. There are appropriate places for off-leash dogs, but most of our urban and suburban parks require that our dogs are on a leash. There are many good reasons for this. Not all dog owners or dogs are out in nature to meet others. A dog park is a place for the social butterfly dog, who loves to meet new friends. Out on the trail, most dogs and their owners are out to enjoy nature and some solitude. Give them some space and if your dog doesn’t have a solid recall, keep her on a leash. Please plan on a “pack it in, pack it out” or “leave no trace” outing. Yes, I’m talking about dog poop. Bag it up and take it home. Do not leave it for someone else to step in. Double bag it, if necessary. Leave no trace also means little to no disruption to flora and fauna. Keeping your dog on the trail will save plants from unnecessary damage and save wildlife from the stress of unintentional harassment from our beloved pets.

The Gear To Get You Started.

A sturdy leash and collar are required. Some dogs and their owners prefer a well-fitted harness. In my truck, I keep a natural flea and tick spray. To quickly protect my dogs before we set out on our adventure. A good First Aid kit and paw pad balm are also handy to have on hand, just in case of a minor emergency. Adult dogs in good health can carry a pack with their food and water.

I hope you get outdoors with your dog(s) in the coming months and enjoy the incredible beauty that autumn in Idaho offers us. We’d love to see your pictures; tag us on social media!