Zamzoo Fish of the Week

If you love aquarium fish and are looking for something new, check out the Zamzoo fish of the week! Every Thursday, Zamzows will bring in a unique fish you can add to your aquarium. Availability varies by store so give your store a call before heading out.

Fish of the Week

Neon Dwarf Praecox Rainbow


These colorful and active fish get along well with others in most community tanks. As they mature, they get a deeper-bodied look to them, and the males have red fins, while females have yellow to orange fins. They only grow to about 2.5-3 inches in size, but due to their activity levels, they should be kept in tanks no smaller than 20 gallons. They are also schooling fish, so they will do best when kept in groups of at least 6 or more of their kind.

Pea or Dwarf Pufferfish


These tiny puffer fish are one of the most unique fish you can keep in a smaller tank as they only grow to about 1 inch in size! In larger groups, and in larger tanks, it becomes easier to add other types of fish. Pea puffers can be either nippy or shy with others, so research is recommended, but generally they do well with other small, peaceful fish such as neon tetras, rasboras, and otocinclus! Avoid putting them with long-finned fish.