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Join the Zamzows Lawn Care Program!

Zamzows makes lawn care easy with a 5-step lawn program designed specifically for the Treasure Valley area. By following this program, your lawn and soil will get the balanced diet they need to grow strong and healthy for years. When the national fertilizer brands wouldn’t adapt their fertilizers to our hard-packed clay and alkaline soil type, Zamzows developed our own. Our approach to growing and maintaining a green lawn is completely different. We don’t want to force-feed chemicals to give you an artificially green lawn. We want to properly feed it and fill the soil with natural biological activity. Our lawn care approach may not be the fastest, but it is the most effective in giving you a long-term, healthy lawn.

Step One

Scotts Spreader setting 6.5

A double application of Zamzows Lawn Food in the Early spring has the correct amount of Nitrogen to kick-start your grass.

Step Two

Scotts Spreader setting 4.5

The second application in the Zamzows Lawn program is considered a “maintenance” application.

Step Three

Scotts Spreader setting 10

The third step is the summer application that preserves water and maintains a deep green color during the summer heat.

Step Four

Scotts Spreader setting 4.5

Step four, like step two, is a maintenance application. Your lawn will be hungry after the hot summer months.

Step Five

Scotts Spreader setting 6.5

The fall feeding changes focus. Instead of growing up, we want to focus on root development and preparing for winter.

How Much Does the Lawn Program Cost?

Download Zamzows Spreader Setting guide

Zamzows Spreader Setting Guide

Download Zamows Seasonal Lawn Care Guide. 

Lawn Care Guide

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