Mountain Wild Elk and Deer Dog Treat 8 OZ
Mountain Wild Elk and Deer Dog Treat 8 OZ

Mountain Wild Elk and Deer Dog Treat 8 OZ


Product Information

Mountain Wild Elk and Deer Dog Treats - Nature's Purest Ancestral Protein Source!

Fuel your dog's journey to a healthier, happier, and more active lifestyle with our premium 8 oz. pack of wild venison jerky dog treats. Crafted from pure, all-natural, 100% wild roaming elk and deer, legally and ethically harvested in the Rocky Mountains, these treats are a testament to our commitment to honoring and protecting the natural resources of wildlife.

Key Features:
- Pure, Wild, and Wholesome: Our treats are made from ethically harvested wild elk and deer meat, ensuring your dog receives only the best, most natural protein source available.
- Nutrient-Rich Goodness: The addition of bone meal from wild elk and deer provides essential minerals, including calcium, promoting improved overall health and digestion for your beloved companion.
- No Compromises: We believe in delivering only the best for your pet. That's why our treats contain no artificial preservatives, no grains, and no fillers. It's 100% wild, just like nature intended.
- Versatile Treats: Whether it's for training, a daily reward, or as a high-protein meal topper, our treats are perfect for every occasion. Your dog can enjoy this premium protein source all day, every day.

-Wild Elk/Deer Meat, Wild Elk/Deer Bone Meal, Salt, Natural Smoke Flavoring, Cultured Whey (natural preservative), Molasses, Natural Glycerin, Garlic, Rosemary

Our Commitment: 
At Mountain Wild, we're more than just a dog treat company. We're passionate about wildlife conservation and anti-poaching initiatives. A percentage of our annual revenues goes back to these causes, ensuring a sustainable future for the wild creatures that call the Rocky Mountains their home.

About Us:
For almost two decades, we've been stewards of nearly 1.5 million acres of wild land in the American Rocky Mountains. Our mission is to manage and maintain this precious habitat, ensuring it remains a thriving ecosystem for generations to come.

With dogs sharing 99.9% of their genetic makeup with wolves, we believe in providing them with nutrition that harks back to their ancestral roots. No Farms. No Fences. No Grains. No Fillers. Just pure, natural, wild goodness from Mountain Wild.

Elevate your dog's diet with the unparalleled quality and purity of Mountain Wild Elk and Deer Dog Treats. Embrace nature's original protein source and witness the transformation in your pet's vitality and well-being. Order now and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier dog!