Tea Time

There comes a time in every gardening season when all the plants are planted.  All the vegetables tended.  This time of year comes so much faster than we ever realize.  For organic and natural gardeners the options for getting plants to put out that little extra is very limited. What if I could show you a way to feed your plants naturally and you would see miracle-like results?

Enter Zamzows Compost Tea.  One trait inherent in many natural and organic fertilizers is how slow they can be to start working. Natural fertilizers need the beneficial microbes living in the soil to break down their ingredients before the plants can begin using them.  There comes a time where our plants need food right now, and our natural products won’t get it to them in time.

So what are we to do?  We don’t want to compromise our values in feeding naturally, but we want to get our plants the nutrients they need so desperately.  Well, in true Zamzows fashion we have a solution.  Zamzows Compost Tea is a way to brew together natural and organic ingredients and create immediately available nutrition for your plants.  So, if you need to kick your plants in the stem and get the most out of their potential, give this Tea recipe a try.  You can download a pdf of the instructions Here.

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