Thank you all for tuning into our Weed Awareness Live stream the first weekend of April. We sincerely apologize for the poor video quality, and we are looking into solutions to prevent this in the future. Below you will find the products we discussed during the class and a short description of when and where to use them. Thank you again, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Weed Prevention

Concern, is an organic weed preventer utilizing the growth-inhibiting ability of corn gluten meal. Apply this to your lawn, flower beds, or garden. Really anywhere you want to prevent weeds from germinating. Don’t apply this near a patio or outside hangout areas, as it can be quite smelly.   It is safe to use around pets and livestock. Only available in our stores at this time. 

Amaze is a chemical weed preventer for your flower beds. After application, you will control the germination of weeds for up to three months. This product is not listed for use in your vegetable garden. You can safely plant perennials and annuals that have rooted after application, though you will need to reply over any areas that have been dug up. Water in after application, pets, and livestock are safe to enter treated areas once it is dry. This product is only available in stores at this time. 

Zamzows Defendz is a versatile weed preventer for lawn and flower beds. Although it is primarily used in the lawn to prevent crabgrass, it can be used in flower beds as well. If you already apply Defendz to the lawn let it fly into your beds as well. Not labeled for use in vegetable gardens. Water in after application, pets and livestock are safe to re-enter once dry.  

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Post Emergent Control

Weed Beater Complete is a granular post-emergent weed killer for the lawn. Water your lawn prior to application and allow to sit on the leaves for up to 24 hours. Control will be slower than spray applications however, it will control weeds for up to two weeks. Keep pets and livestock off treated lawns for at least 48 hours.  

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Zamzows Ultra is one of our “Big Guns.” Ultra will control any of your broadleaf weeds and is safe to use on the lawn. Unlike competing lawn weed killers, Ultra can be used at temperatures as low as 45 degrees. Ultra will dry quickly and your pets are safe to re-enter after only four hours.  

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We currently have three versions of the organic weed killer Pulverize. We carry a weed and grass killer pictured above, along with a brush killer. We also carry a selective lawn weed killer that is safe to use on the lawn! If you’ve been looking for safe alternatives to the leading weed killers look no further, they have arrived! Even though it is organic, it’s still a good idea to keep pets and livestock off-treated areas for an hour or so. Pulverize works very quickly and is effective at cooler temperatures. Currently available in stores only. 


Grass Beater is a selective herbicide that can be used in your flower beds to kill grasses while leaving your flowers and shrubs alone. It is slower than most weed killers so be patient with it. It also needs to be quite warm before it will work well. Allow to dry before letting pets and livestock back into the area.

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Grass-b-Gone is another selective herbicide you can use in your flower beds and near shrubs that will only kill the grass growing through them. Timing and safety are the same as the Grass Beater. Available in-store only. 

Decimate is a non-selective herbicide that is almost organic. Technically it is naturally derived and makes a great alternative to Round-up. It will kill whatever you spray it on so take care when using around desirable plants. This slow-acting weed killer is great in areas where you need everything gone and don’t want to use the big baddy. Allow time to dry before pets and re-enter. 

Sedge Ender is a selective herbicide specifically formulated to kill sedge, also known as water grass in the lawn. Sedge shows up in constantly wet areas of the lawn and has a smooth waxy leaf. It begins to appear in lawns from late May to June. Multiple applications are usually needed to control Nut Sedge, so be diligent. Keep pets away from treated areas until it has dried.   

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Brush Killer-32 is the right choice for difficult-to-control brush and brambles. It is also effective as a selective weed killer in the lawn to control bindweed and thistle. Keep pets out of treated areas for 24 hours. 

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Stump and Vine Killer is an effective way to kill stumps after the larger plant has been cut down. After making your cut simply paint this on the fresh wind and it will go all the way down to the root, preventing them from re-sprouting. It is also an effective control for horsetail rush and white top. Keep pets away from treated areas for at least 24 hours.   

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