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The Family That Thrives Together pt. 3

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Stays Together

This is part 3 in our series about the Thrive family, and today we are going to discuss the often misunderstood family member, Thrive Extra.

What is This Stuff?

Thrive Extra came onto the scene unannounced. One day it just kind of showed up in the stores. I didn’t know much about it at first and getting a lot of info was difficult. One day Jim came into the store and I cornered him and asked “Jim, what’s the deal with this product? No one seems to know why we have it.” So, in typical Jim Z fashion, he told me a story.

Always Good for a Story.

Years ago there was a cholera epidemic in the big hog farms in the Midwest. Farmers were losing everything. This one farmer had a pen of hogs break the fence and run down to a partially dried up river bed. When he found them and started corralling them back to their pen, he realized that all these hogs were eating the mud! The farmer thought it was strange but it was soon forgotten. Soon after this, framer’s hogs started getting sick, all of them except for that group that had gone down to that river bed and started eating the mud. As they investigated this mud, they found that it was a clay, chock full of trace elements and minerals. It was these added vitamins and minerals that strengthen the hogs’ immune system so they could fight off the infection. This “mud” has been added to Thrive Extra along with some other super charged ingredients.

So When do I Use Thrive Extra?

This one was designed as a first aid option for distressed tree or shrub. The added ingredients are readily available, and will begin your trees recovery immediately. Any kind of plant stress you can imagine is a good time to add Thrive Extra. Maybe it’s heat stress or the dog decided to make the trunk his chew toy. It’s suffering from a disease or major bug infestation, whatever you do to treat these problems Thrive Extra should go with any of them. Because getting rid of the problem is only the first step. Many trees and shrubs can survive a major problem, but if they are not given the things needed to recover properly, surviving the next winter can be iffy. A true recovery program can’t end with removing the problem. If you got were injured and the doctor stopped treating you after he stopped the bleeding you might think “uh, is that it? I don’t think you’re done here doc.” So, for those really serious stresses that arise in your landscape, treat the problem then go the Thrive “Extra” mile and put them on the right road to recovery.

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