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The Family That Thrives Together pt. 2

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Stays Together

In part 2 in our series of articles about Thrive, we will be talking about our unique perspective on a bloom boosting fertilizer. This week we discuss Thrive Bloom.

So There I Was,

I remember the first weekend we sold Thrive Bloom. I was the manager of the Chinden Greenhouse and we got around 120 bottles or so. We had been able to see what Thrive Bloom could do a few months beforehand, as Jim brought down a sample for us to try on a few plants. Can you guess which plants sold first? For years, we had been selling other brands of bloom boosting fertilizers and we weren’t sure how this would go. We knew what this product could do, but would people believe us? So we set it up on some shelves and register and that first 120 bottles were gone by the end of the day. We thought it would last all weekend. Over the next weeks and months, the feedback from customers was amazing. People told us they had never had such great looking plants full of flowers.

Bloom Boosting

All fertilizers are made up of three parts Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). Phosphorus is the ingredient that promotes flowering in plants. So a bloom boosting fertilizer will have a high amount of Phosphorus. Jim thought, “what if we could not just promote more blooms, but also make your plants healthier all around?” So he developed Thrive bloom. Its base is Thrive which includes everything a plant needs to be healthy. Then we add a little kick, just enough to bring out your plant’s full potential.

So Where do You Use Thrive Bloom?

Thrive Bloom was designed for use on established plants that are being grown for flowers or fruit. Annual flowers will explode with color and overflow their borders. Your vegetables will produce more flowers leading to greater yields of tasty fruit. It is important to remember this product should be used on established plants because it will be taken in very quickly and younger plants can stress easily. Another note of caution when using Thrive Bloom is temperature consideration. In the middle of summer, you will want to wait until the cooler evening temperatures to apply. Keeping these tips in mind, you will love the results Thrive Bloom brings to your garden and landscape.

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