Stays Together

This is the first of a three-part article discussing the Thrive Family of fertilizers. Currently, we offer three different products using the thrive name. We have Thrive, Thrive Bloom, and Thrive Extra. My hope is to clear up any confusion as to when any of the products should be used and why they were created.

It Began With a Tree

If you have been around for a while you know Zamzows Thrive used to be called Save-a-Tree. The story of Save-a-Tree began with a Famous tree in front of the Capital building. After years of neglect and mistreatment, this famous tree was going to be cut down. Word got around and Jim was asked if there was anything that could be done. After assessing the tree’s situation Jim developed a plan to bring the tree back to healthy state. There were a number of factors involved in the restoration of this tree, ultimately the most important of these was a food, I am sure you can guess its name. Using the regiment lined out by Jim the tree was saved and the legend began.

Jump forward a few years and the Save-a-Tree name was changed to Thrive. Thrive, as a fertilizer is fundamentally different from all other fertilizers on the market. Most fertilizers only address one thing, Nitrogen. After years of only adding this one thing our soil gets tired Jim will say “they get indigestion”. If we let our kids decide what they wanted to eat, they would usually choose some sort of sugar, breakfast lunch, and dinner. Well, we know how this ends. Plants behave much the same, give them Sugar (in this case Nitrogen) they peak and crash over and over and over. Their overall health declines rapidly. Now feed them properly and they perform as they were designed. Better color, stronger stems, more flowers, better taste, and more nutrition.

So When Should You Use Thrive?

Thrive is meant to get plants started off on the right foot. It reduces stress and has everything a plant needs to establish good habits. Every plant I ever put in the ground gets Thrive. Planting without it feels wrong. Thrive is the perfect starter food for any plant because it is not a force feeding like other water-soluble fertilizers. When you put Thrive in the soil it sits there and when the plant needs something there it is. I like to use the term Vanilla when I refer to Zamzows Thrive because it looks like vanilla but it should also be used like vanilla. When you use vanilla in a batch of cookies you use very little. Using more sounds like a good idea but if you have ever tried you know this is not the case. Thrive is best when used as instructed. Using more doesn’t make it better. It won’t ruin anything but you won’t get any more benefit. Once or twice a year is sufficient.

Want to give it a try?