Watering Your Lawn Efficiently

2021’s extreme temperatures and below-average snowpack have created drought conditions for everyone in Idaho. Looking forward to water conservation measures and likely early water shutoffs, you may be wondering, how will I keep my lawn green?

We all need to do our part to conserve as much water as we can during the summer months. Proper watering assures that we will have water to use later in the season.

Water Properly

How to water the lawn is, unfortunately, never a simple answer. There are several factors we need to consider. The goal is to apply more water, infrequently. This method forces the water to soak deeper into the soil. Your lawn will be able to drink longer and prevent water loss to runoff and evaporation.

Dr. Jim Z’s Water Audit Kit

Dr. Jim Z’s Water Audit Kit is an easy way to visualize how much water gets applied to the lawn. Set the four cups out in one watering zone and run the sprinklers for 15 minutes. Compare the amount of water in each cup to identify any problems. Then multiply to determine how long it will take to get to one inch.

Dr Jim Z Water Audit Kit


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Watering New and Established Lawns.

Newly planted or sodded lawns will need less water, more frequently. If you have not started mowing the lawn yet because it is new, you should usually be watering 10-15 minutes two to three times a day. While the grass is establishing and has smaller roots, the water needs to be in constant supply.

An established lawn needs to get watered differently.   The rule of thumb here is water deep, less often. The soil in the Treasure Valley is often a heavily compacted clay and takes some conditioning. Remember, the goal is to apply around one inch of water, only two or three times a week.

Zamzows Penaturf Concentrate 32 OZ


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Zamzows Pena Turf

Many customers across the Treasure Valley tell us that watering for more than a few minutes causes the water to run off the lawn or pool up. Many lawns in the Treasure valley struggle with this, and Zamzows has a solution.  Zamzows Pena Turf, when applied to your grass it immediately begins opening the soil, allowing your water to move down. Using Zamzows Pena Turf will help you condition your soil, promoting deep root growth.  Here is another instructional video.


Zamzows Huma Green

If you want to green up your lawn without causing excessive growth and increase your watering efficiency, you need to apply Zamzows Huma Green. Applying Zamzows Huma Green multiple times a year will provide your grass a consistent supply of carbon and iron. Iron helps the lawn stay green. Carbon holds onto the water while conditioning and improving your soil, helping you reach your watering goals.


Purchase Sprinklers and Hoses Now

The looming threat of early water shut-off means many of us will need to use our potable house water. If you are not prepared to water your lawn with a hose and sprinkler set up, now is the time to visit your local Zamzows. Do not wait to purchase new hoses and sprinklers. Many people will wait to purchase new hoses and sprinklers until the water gets turned off.  Stores will run out quickly. Zamzows staff are trained to help you find the most effective temporary watering system for your lawn.