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Zamzows Spinach Bloomsdale Seeds

If you've wanted to grow a garden but weren't sure where to start, Zamzows Select vegetable seeds are here for you. We've handpicked 24 Treasure Valley proven varieties grown by Treasure Valley farmers. So they'll grow great in our climate and soil. 

An attractive, tasty, and popular garden standard spinach. An old favorite amongst gardeners has an excellent flavor and produces large quantities of tasty leaves.

Plant in early spring as soon as the ground can be worked. Sowing with higher soil temperatures leads to low germination. Do not use a heat mat to germinate. If sowing has to be done during warmer weather, irrigating can help cool the soil and improve germination.  For baby leaf: Sow in a 1/2″ apart, 2-3″ bands, 1/2″ deep, about 40 seeds/ft.  For bunching and full size: Sow 10 seeds/ft., 1/2″ deep, rows 12-18″ apart.