Oxbow Elife Rolly Teaser
Oxbow Elife Rolly Teaser

Oxbow Elife Rolly Teaser


Product Information

Oxbow Elife Rolly Teaser

Oxbow Elife Rolly Teaser, the perfect addition to enrich your pet's daily routine. Crafted with their natural instincts in mind, this innovative feeder promotes exploration, play, and mental stimulation. Made from 100% pet-safe materials, you can rest assured knowing your furry friend is entertained in a safe and engaging manner.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Oxbow Elife Rolly Teaser features an adjustable opening, allowing you to control the flow of treats or food. Its clear design enables you to easily monitor food levels while providing your pet with a visual delight. Plus, its rolling action adds an extra layer of excitement to mealtime, encouraging physical activity and mental engagement.

Available exclusively at local Zamzows locations, the Oxbow Elife Rolly Teaser offers pet owners the convenience of in-store pickup or the option to order online for nationwide delivery. Give your pet the gift of endless fun and stimulation with the Oxbow Elife Rolly Teaser.

  • An engaging way to feed your small animal
  • Adjustable opening to control flow
  • Clear design to visualize food levels
  • Designed to roll for your pet’s entertainment
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Adds physical and mental stimulation to mealtime