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Hikari Wheat Germ MD 17.6 OZ
Hikari Wheat Germ MD 17.6 OZ

Hikari Wheat Germ MD 17.6 OZ


Product Information

A highly nutritious, easily assimilated, highly digestible daily diet for baby through adult koi. Developed through many years of breeding experience, this highly nutritious diet is extremely effective in cooler climates which experience a winter season.


Ingredients: Wheat Germ Meal; Fish Meal; Dried Bakery Product; Corn Gluten Meal; Wheat Flour; Wheat Bran; Wheat Starch; Potato Starch; Brewers Dried Yeast; Wheat Gluten Meal; Dried Seaweed Meal; Garlic; Rice Bran; Choline Chloride; Vitamin E Supplement; L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (Stabilized Vitamin C); D-calcium Pantothenate; Riboflavin; Vitamin A Supplement; Thiamine Mononitrate; Pyridoxine Hydrochloride; Niacin; Folic Acid; Vitamin D3 Supplement; Biotin; Ferrous Sulfate; Magnesium Sulfate; Zinc Sulfate; Manganese Sulfate; Copper Sulfate; Calcium Iodate; Red 3 (Artificial Color)


Application Season: Winter


Feeding Instructions: Regularly monitor your water temperature and adjust the amount and frequency of your feedings based on this temperature, the water condition, number and size of fish and their activity level. Avoid over-feeding and always remove any uneaten food remaining after the feeding period.For 64-86°F (18-30°C) - Feed two to four times per day the amount your fish will completely consume within five minutes.For 41-64°F (5-18°C) - Feed no more than twice daily the amount your fish will completely consume within five minutes. For best results try to feed during the warmer part of the day.Below 41°F (5°C) - Do not feed your fish.During any appetite loss, after sickness or during medicating, your koi's eating habits may be significantly reduced, careful monitoring of the amount of food you feed is required to avoid problems