Chuckit Launcher 18 M
Chuckit Launcher 18 M

Chuckit Launcher 18 M


Product Information

Chuckit Launcher 18 M: Elevate Playtime with Extended Throws!

Looking to elevate playtime with your furry companion? Look no further than the Chuckit Launcher 18 M, your ultimate tool for boundless fun and exercise! Our innovative Ball Launcher empowers you to effortlessly propel balls 2 to 3 times farther, making fetch sessions a breeze. Say goodbye to slobbery balls and hello to hands-free pickup, all thanks to the Chuckit Sport Launcher.

Crafted with precision, the ergonomic rubber handle ensures optimal comfort and control, enabling you to unleash throws that will have your dog bounding with joy. Engineered from durable yet lightweight flexible plastic, the Chuckit Launcher 18 M guarantees endless play while holding up to enthusiastic fetch enthusiasts. 

Adaptable to your needs, this launcher comes in an 18 M size, offering the perfect balance between distance and play area. It's compatible with both standard tennis balls and Chuckit! Compatible balls, ensuring a seamless experience. As a special bonus, each Chuckit Launcher 18 M includes a standard Chuckit! Tennis Ball, so the fun can begin right out of the box.

Designed to cater to your unique style, the Chuckit Launcher 18 M is available in a variety of colors, adding a touch of vibrancy to your play sessions. And here's the best part – whether you're in Boise, Meridian, or Nampa, you can conveniently order the Chuckit Launcher 18 M online for local pick-up at select Zamzows pet supply centers. But that's not all – we also offer nationwide delivery, bringing the joy of extended throws right to your doorstep.

Revolutionize playtime with your four-legged friend and experience the Chuckit Launcher 18 M difference. Order now for unbeatable fun, whether you're mastering local fetch or embarking on nationwide adventures. Elevate fetch, elevate fun – with the Chuckit Launcher 18 M. Get yours today!