Bonide Compost Maker Ready To Use

Accelerate your compost and help it flourish with help from the Garden Rich Compost Maker. Containing beneficial organisms that energize soils, composts, and decomposing organic matter, it is the perfect compost booster. It stabilizes nutrients and humus while reducing odors. It may be broadcast dry or sprayed with water onto garbage, leaves, wastes, etc. to generate valuable compost.


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  • COMPOSTER PREPARATION - This compost activator is perfect for preparing any compost that is in need of a slight boost to create the compost breakdown you desire.
  • STABILIZING FORMULA - Made from a mix of ingredients, the additives stabilize nutrients and humus and reduce odors from the compost. It adds rich minerals and turns waste into a strong, effective fertilizer.
  • BENEFICIAL ORGANISMS - This product contains beneficial organisms that energize soils, composts, and decomposing organic matter. It can even be used in a worm farm. Combining the power of the compost maker and worms is sure to speed up the process.
  • READY TO USE - This compost booster is ready to use as soon as it arrives. Any ground up organic materials, such as leaves, straw, kitchen scraps, grass clippings, or manure will compost. Lightly dust over each 4-inch layer and keep it moist.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 12 in



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