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New Flower Selections for Spring

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Something New

I spoke with our green goods purchaser to find out the latest and greatest varieties of perennial and annual flowers for the 2016 season. Here are her top picks


This was not a plant I was familiar with so I needed a little help from our buyer Cathy Williams. “when you look at them in the shipping trays they really don’t look that amazing. But once you get them in the ground and feed them a little bit they really take off and turn into one of the most beautiful full mounds full of flowers that keep going all summer. They are also great for attracting hummingbirds to the garden.

Hibiscus Rose of Sharon

Hardy Hibiscus comes in many different colors with new selections coming out every year. One of our featured varieties this year are the tree from Hibiscus. Normally grown as a shrub, these specimens are grafted onto a taller root stock giving you an even more unique focal point for the garden.

Salvia Black & Bloom

Salvia Black and Bloom are gorgeous plants that are very hardy and loves our arid dry summers. They bloom for months and grow to a significant size for an annual. They are great for attracting Hummingbirds and butterflies and are even resistant to those pesky deer.


Celosias are great annual flowers that work great in many different situations in the garden. Great in borders, pots, and baskets their versatility is unmatched. They prefer the sun but can do well in shade. The grow almost two feet tall and bloom throughout the entire season. They not only have a pretty flower the have interesting foliage as well.


Fuchsia you say. Well, of course, we will get one in our hanging baskets! But wait, this year we will have varieties that will grow best in the soil as an upright annual. Grown best in shade, this upright fuchsia will bring continues blooms during the season and add something new to that shady spot of Hostas and other foliage.

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