The Disease Control Aisle

Here in the disease control aisle, you’ll find everything you need to prevent and control the diseases that want to infect your lawn and wilt the plants in your landscape. We’re here to help you select the most effective products for whatever’s infecting your plants.

Lawn Recovery Products

Controlling the disease is the first step. If you want your plants to recover and help them fight off future infections, consider these products in your control strategy.

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Controlling Lawn Rust In Idaho

Controlling Lawn Rust In Idaho

When it comes to lawn rust, it is best to look first to your cultural practices. Make sure the lawn is fed, reduce your watering, and reduce your mowing height. These three practices will help you control most of your rust issues.

Lawn Fungus

Lawn Fungus

Lawn fungus is one of the most difficult things to identify and treat in a lawn. Their spread and damage can seem unstoppable at times.

Preventing Snow Mold

Preventing Snow Mold

Having been one of the snowiest winters in history, Idaho lawns will have some rare issues to deal with this spring. In this article, I’d like to address Snow Mold.