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How to kill Clover in your Lawn when it’s Mixed in with Grass

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I have clover all over in my lawn mixed in with my grass. What is the best way to get rid of the clover?

Answer from Zamzows Lawn Expert
Clover can be tough to get rid of, but with some diligence and the right products, you can have a clover-free lawn. For a weed killer, the only thing that you can use is Zamzows Ultra Weed Control for Lawns. Zamzows Ultra Weed Control will kill over 200 broadleaf weeds in your lawn (including clover), and not harm the lawn at all as long as the directions are followed.

The best thing about Zamzows Ultra weed killer is that it works at temperatures of 45 degrees to 85 degrees. Other weed killers don’t start to work until it is 70 degrees. Just using Ultra Weed Control spray is not enough to get the clover.

You must also add Stay put with the spray. Stay put is a surfactant that helps the weed control spray stick to the waxy surface of the clover and helps it adhere the herbicide onto the leaves even if they get wet from watering. Stay put boosts the killing capacity of the Ultra by 30%. Use the Ultra Weed Control spray, with the Stay put additive, and spray the clover every 7 days, and you will soon eliminate your clover.

7 thoughts on “How to kill Clover in your Lawn when it’s Mixed in with Grass

  1. With the temperatures high in treasure valley for awhile, will I have to wait or is the temperature depending on when you apply it. Can I apply in morning wen it is cooler?

    1. Not spraying during the heat of the day is a good precaution to take. You can spray during the earlier hours of the morning, or later in the evening as it is cooling off.

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