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The key to growing a great garden is in the soil. Soil health is the foundation for healthy plants, tasty fruit, and high yields! These soil amendments will improve your soil so you give your garden the best start possible.  

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Building a Healthy Soil

Building a Healthy Soil

Thank you to those who came and listened to our "Building a Healthy Soil" seminar at the Boise Flower and Garden Show.  If you were at the seminar or would just like to peruse the presentation, you can find a pdf version by following the link. Building a Healthy...

Zamzows Nutri-Rich Organic Fertilizer

Zamzows Nutri-Rich Organic Fertilizer

Zamzows Nutri-Rich is a 100% certified organic all-purpose fertilizer. The majority of organic fertilizers are unbalanced and very high in nitrogen. Our formula is 4-3-3. This balanced nutrient rich blend provides long-lasting natural plant food; it also contains 7% calcium.

How To Plant Garlic

How To Plant Garlic

Garlic is part of the Allium family which also includes similar plants such as onions, shallots, and leeks. Garlic is very easy to grow, having no real disease and pest problems to deal with and is forgiving about what kind of soil it’s planted in. Garlic will grow even in clay-like, high Ph (alkali) desert soil found here in southwest Idaho. 

Zamzows Compost Tea

There comes a time in every gardening season when all the plants are planted.  All the vegetables tended.  This time of year comes so much faster than we ever realize.  For organic and natural gardeners the options for getting plants to put out that little extra is very limited. What if I could show you a way to feed your plants naturally and you would see miracle-like results?