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Fleas: Commonly Asked Questions

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Fleas are a nuisance that we never want to deal with. Treatment can get confusing. Here are some frequently asked questions and treatment methods.

How long to fleas live?
Up to 115 days on an animal, only a day or two on its own.

What is the best environment for a flea to thrive?**
The most habitable environment for a flea is warm and humid. The dry air and cold winters in Idaho keep the flea population from getting out of hand.

What is the life cycle of a flea?
A flea will eat then mate then lay eggs within 24-48 hours. The eggs fall off and incubate in carpet, cracks, bedding, and furniture for 10 days. When they hatch, they feed on nearby debris then spin a cocoon for the pupil stage. This stage can last months or days depending on the conditions. The more humidity and heat, the faster they emerge. The young flea has 2 weeks to find a host to restart the cycle.

FUN FACT: At any given time the flea population in an environment is 1% adults and 99% unseen eggs and larvae.

What should I do if I find fleas on my dog?**
This is a bit of a complicated question so we will go over some of the options and how they work.

Spot-on treatments:
There are many spot-on treatments available. Bio-spot, Advantage, and Spectra Sure are all spot on treatments that you can Find at Zamzows. Spot on treatments are liquids applied to the skin of your dog or cat. Each treatment lasts for one month. A spot on treatment is best when applied before your animal has fleas.

There have been some great advancements in collars of the last few years. Zamzows carries Soresto collars made by the same company that produces Advantage. This collar lasts for up to 8 months. The Spectra Sure medallion is another great product that gives long lasting control and very easily attaches to your dog’s collar.

Flea shampoos and sprays:
These products are good to use if your animal already has fleas. These products will kill the adult fleas on their body but will not give them lasting protection. A spot on or collar is recommended to prevent re-infestation

Home and bedding control:
If you identify a flea infestation on your dog care should be taken to treat their bedding. There are a number of products to choose from here. Speak to a sales associate for the products that will work best for you.

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