When Spring rolls around and we begin work on our lawns, the most common issues we deal with early on are weeds.  When it comes to Spring weeds, Dandelions are the most prevalent.  Did you know that Dandelions and other early Spring weeds actually began growing in the Fall of the previous year.  Spraying those weeds in Spring actually takes twice as much effort to control them.  As the weeds wake up and begin growing they are pushing a lot of water and nutrients up and out of their root systems, making the weed-killing chemicals work against the current, thereby reducing their effectiveness.

Fall Is The Best Time

Rather than spend more money on more chemicals that are less effective, consider this alternative;  in the Fall the weeds are storing energy, water, and nutrients in their roots.  When you treat weeds in the Fall, the chemical is moving down into the roots much faster because it’s moving WITH the current.  This reduces the amount of chemicals you need to use, which saves you money, and it’s better for the environment.

Zamzows Ultra™ Weed Killer is the best weed killer for controlling weeds in your lawn, without harming the grass.  Not only does it work faster than other brands, but it also works at cooler temperatures.  So, this Fall get a jump start on controlling lawn weeds and enjoy far fewer weeds in your lawn next Spring.

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