C&S Peanut Flavored Suet Nugget 27 OZ
C&S Peanut Flavored Suet Nugget 27 OZ

C&S Peanut Flavored Suet Nugget 27 OZ


Product Information

C&S Peanut Flavored Suet Nugget 27 OZ - The Ultimate Wild Bird Feeding Delight!

Looking to attract a diverse array of beautiful songbirds to your backyard? Look no further than C&S Peanut Flavored Suet Nugget! Our revolutionary NUGGETS™ bird feeding formulation has been expertly crafted to entice suet, fruit, and insect-eating wild birds, ensuring a bird-watching experience like never before.

Why Choose C&S Peanut Flavored Suet Nugget 27 OZ?
1. Irresistible Flavor: Our suet nuggets boast the delectable taste of roasted peanuts blended with wholesome corn, oats, raisins, and rendered beef suet, creating a mouthwatering treat that birds simply can't resist.
2. High Energy Suet Base: As a serious birder or a beginner, you'll appreciate the high-energy suet base of our nuggets. Not only does it minimize waste and mess, but it also provides birds with the essential nutrients they need for a healthy and active life.
3. Versatile Feeding Options: C&S NUGGETS™ can be easily fed alone on a platform feeder or a Nugget/Peanut/Sunflower feeder using 1/3″ wire mesh. Want to attract bluebirds? Simply place a small amount of Bluebird Nuggets on the feeder ledge, and once they discover the nuggets, move them inside the feeder for continued delight.
4. Blendable with Wild Bird Seed Mix: Enhance your feeding experience by blending C&S NUGGETS™ with your favorite wild bird seed mix (5-10 lbs). The resulting mix can be conveniently dispensed from tube or hopper style feeders, providing you with even more bird-watching enjoyment.

- Corn
- Roasted Peanuts
- Rendered Beef Suet
- Oats
- Raisins
- Soy Oil

Perfect for: Chickadee, Nuthatch, Woodpeckers, and many more captivating songbirds.

Where to Find C&S Peanut Flavored Suet Nugget 27 OZ?

You can order this extraordinary product online for local pick-up, ensuring maximum convenience for your bird-feeding needs. Additionally, C&S Peanut Flavored Suet Nugget is available at all local Zamzows wild bird supply centers in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa, making it easily accessible for our valued customers.

Join the Bird-Watching Revolution with C&S Peanut Flavored Suet Nugget 27 OZ!

With C&S NUGGETS™, bird feeding has never been this exciting and effortless. Say goodbye to messy feeders and hello to hours of enjoyment as you observe nature's finest feathered friends indulging in the ultimate bird-feeding experience. Order now and be prepared to witness a symphony of colors and melodies in your own backyard!