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The Chameleon

Chameleons in general are beautiful but sensitive animals. Jackson’s chameleons are one of the hardier species, but they are still easily stressed and require special care to thrive. While they do in fact change color, the myth that they will match any color in their surroundings is false. They mainly change color to express their mood, especially when two males fight to impress a female. Normally their color changes are different shades of green, with some teal, yellow, or blue. Different shades of color can also be used to better absorb or reflect heat, a cold chameleon may turn dark to absorb more sunlight. Chameleons often become stressed from too much handling, so stick to occasional, brief, and gentle handling sessions while you get to know your individual chameleon’s preferences. Too much stress can lead to other health issues.

Average Adult Length: 9-13 inches

Average Life Span: 5-10 years