The chinchilla’s origin is in the Andes mountains of Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. Chinchillas are classified as members of the Rodent family. They are related to squirrels, guinea pigs, mice hamsters, and gerbils. Chinchillas are the most expensive of all rodents. Mostly because of their soft fur, it is the most sought after in the making of fur garments.

Ideal Pets

Chinchillas have long hindlimbs and short front legs, four toes and very flexible digits. A chinchilla has a thick neck and shoulders, with short ears and a fairly flat nose. Chinchillas have a very heavy coat, mostly with a gray hair, although there are variations in coloring. They have continuously growing incisor teeth in the upper jaw. Chinchillas are nocturnal animals, active mostly at dusk and at night and sleeping during the daylight hours. They are set apart from other rodents by their fur; it is very silky, dense and light. There really is no other like it in comparison. Chinchillas are ideal pets, especially in homes that can’t accommodate larger domestic pets. They are small in size and easy to care for. Chinchillas make ideal indoor pets.


Chinchillas are a great companion. They pose no threat to children, strangers or other animals. Chinchillas can be purchased at pet stores, but do your homework and understand they have special needs. Chinchillas require special food and a good size cage. They love to exercise and jump so those must be considerations. Chinchillas require little maintenance as long as they have the necessary supplies for their needs.

Food and Water

A Chinchillas food and water should be changed daily. The cage and accessories need routine cleaning. They are vegans so their diet is simple. Hay is also a requirement and it is inexpensive. Chinchillas are sensitive to very warm climate (a constant 75 degrees). They are not fond of loud noise. They can be left alone for a couple of days with the proper provisions. If an extended absence is anticipated, a reliable person needs to be available for care and exercise.

Chinchillas can be easily trained and they love to have attention. They seem to flourish better in pairs. Chinchillas make a great pet and excellent companion.